Training your puppy for its first bath

It has been nearly a month now since we bought a new puppy. It is now time to give the puppy its first bath. It is not going to be an easy task bathing your puppy for the first time, especially if you have had no prior experience. I have owned puppies before and have tried different methods to bathe a puppy. After all the experience, the best method to bathe a puppy that I have devised is the "playtime zone". The "playtime zone" is nothing but an area where the puppy gets familiarized with the bathing process. I am going to briefly outline the steps that I take to achieve this.

1. You have to start planning at least a week before you give the puppy its first bath. First of all, you got to decide on a place which is going to be the "playtime zone" for the puppy. It can be the bathroom in your house or the garage or even the garden. The idea here is to decide on a place and spend at least a week's time in the "playtime zone" with your puppy. You can set aside 10 to 15 minutes every day for this. You can do all fun activities with the puppy like throwing toys, playing with a ball, running around with the puppy and so on. You need to make the puppy feel that it is fun being in the "playtime zone".

2. While the puppy is having fun in the playtime zone, keep an empty bathtub for the puppy. Get the puppy familiarized with the bathtub by putting the puppy in and out of the tub. You can throw some toys as well into the tub and let the puppy play with the toys inside the bathtub. About 3-4 days before giving the puppy its first bath, pour some water into the tub. The bathtub shouldn't have more than an inch of water at the bottom.

Now, don't put your puppy into the bathtub immediately. Just put some of the puppy's favourite toys into it. The puppy will be eager to get into the bathtub now. Wait for a day or two and then put the puppy into the bathtub and train it to stand in the water. Once you feel that the puppy can stand in the 1 inch of water in the bathtub comfortably then it is time to give the puppy its first bath.

3. It's time for the puppy's first bath. Put your puppy into the bathtub without any water in it. Start pouring water into it slowly. Make sure that the bottom of the bathtub is not filled with more than 2 inches of water during its first bath. You can gradually increase the amount of water in subsequent baths. The first bath needs to be very gentle with water and shampoo. Over time, both you and the puppy will start enjoying this whole bathing process. Puppies love playing with water.