Pick The Perfect Dog For You

There are over 100 dog breeds in the world, and they serve all manner of purposes. Some of them are pets, some are guard dogs, and others help in hunting… the purposes are endless. You must ask yourself what you want a dog. This will help you make a choice. You must prepare where the dog will be taken care of, including sleeping area, food, vet services etc.

Labrador Puppy For Sale

You saw the advertisement. "Labrador Puppy For Sale". The photo of that little pup melts your heart (no wonder so many American and English homes have a Labrador) and your first impulse is to rush out right away to buy her.

But hold on! Here's what to do first.

Learn About Labrador Puppies

Labradors are clever, friendly, easy to train pets who love to learn tricks. They are rarely aggressive, don't create problems like barking excessively, and display playful agility.

Top five celebrity dogs

Are there any greater films then a film starring a dog! I personally love a dog film and here are my top five celebrity dogs.


You Can Teach An Old Dog New Tricks

Can you think of any phrase in the English Language that had done more harm to humanity than good than “you can’t teach an old dog new tricks?” In truth, an older dog might be easier to teach than a young puppy, because any dog that is five years older already knows the meaning of the word, “no.” An older dog has already learned what acceptable behavior to display if it wants to be around other people, like members of its family. An older dog is generally more laid back and relaxed then its younger version, so he is able to focus better on what he is being taught.

Why You Should Have a Pet Dog

Dogs are wonderful animals since they live not only for themselves but they are also inclined to protect their owners. A lot of people consider them their good buddies because of the advantages they give and the fondness that is likely to develop between them and dog owners.

These days, more and more people opt for dogs as their pets because of the different roles they play. Here are a few reasons why a number of people prefer dogs as pets among other animals: