My Dog Hates to Travel

Not everybody enjoys the thrill of a ride in the car to some far off place for a day of exploration and fun. Dogs are no different and can experience travel sickness in much the same manner. Unfortunately, a dog with travel sickness is a bit of a problem, especially if you need to travel with your dog quite a lot. Nobody wants to clean up doggie vomit or urine after every trip in the family car.

Fortunately, if you are planning to raise your dog from the time he is a puppy, you should be able to circumvent any inclinations toward travel sickness A few different strategies can help to teach your dog that it's okay to travel in the car.

In fact, your puppy might simply be experiencing anxiety and nervousness due to the newness of the experience. It's imperative to overcome this anxiety before your puppy has a chance to associate the car with feeling ill.

Begin each journey with a few moments of quality playtime with your puppy. This will help to place him in a relaxed state. If the journey is going to be a long one, make sure that you make a pit stop not only for yourself, but also, for your pet.

Next, try to take only short trips in the car until you acclimate your puppy. If the ride in the car is short enough, you should be able to avoid car sickness in your puppy-

Reward your pet at the end of the journey with words of praise, a quick game, or a small treat. Any of these methods of positive reinforcement should help to allay your puppy's fear about traveling in the car.

If your pet remains a victim of travel sickness no matter what you try, invest in travel sickness pills for dogs Visit your dog's veterinarian and ask for his advice along with the pills, Since the pills require a short amount of time for absorption, follow the directions provided with them to ensure that you allow enough time for them to work.