Improve your Dog’s Skin

Your dog can be anything you want; a companion when you are lonely, a friend that is always there for you, a confidant that will never betray you or even a partner you can always trust. However, to be all these, your dog must be healthy and well groomed.

The skin and coat of your dog play a major role in determining how comfortable or otherwise you will be around the dog. For this reason therefore, it is important to know how to go about ensuring that your pet remains health. Here are some ideas on how to improve the skin and coat of your dog using nutrition.

 Proteins. Just as human, the skin and hair of your dog is majorly composed of protein components and as such, unless the dog gets a good supply of protein, the skin and coat of your dog will start drying out and with time start falling leaving a ghostly sight. A good supply of protein together with other important nutrients like amino acids will work together to produce new and health skin and coat to replace the knotted falling hair.

 Amino acids. These play a major role in ensuring replacement of old. Lack of all essential amino acids can make the dog susceptible to skin inflammation, dry coat, falling hair and lack of hair lustre.

 Mineral salts and vitamins. These are especially important in the prevention of various animal diseases and ailments and as such can help in the development of a healthy coat and skin. You can administer these as supplements but the best way is to provide hem naturally through a well diet.

Overall, nutrition plays a very major role in determining how healthy looking your pet will be and for this reason therefore, it is important to ensure provision of well balanced diet for a healthy and lustrous skin and coat.