Health Problems in Golden Retrievers

Most animals will face common health issues at some point in their lives. No single animal is exempted from this. That said, golden retrievers to our susceptible to diseases and illnesses. It is Necessary to take your pet for regular checkups so that it can be cleared of any life threatening diseases.

owever, no matter what its owner does the animal will fall sick anyway. Most sicknesses can be treated as long as medical attention is brought to it immediately. On the other hand, other ailments can be prevented. The following are common diseases faced by golden retrievers throughout their lives:

Distemper virus
The distemper virus is a life threatening disease that causes fever, vomiting, diarrhea, and coughing. The virus is Airborne. If your golden retriever turns up with these mentioned symptoms they will require immediate medical attention. Thankfully, vaccinations for this type of disease are available. And these are administered to puppies with their annual booster shots. Copies are given this vaccination when they are just a little over one month up until they are around the four months old.

Heartworms in animals is an extremely severe condition that can lead to death in the animal. These are literally Worms That grow well in the uninvolved internal organs and feed on them. There are A few heartworm preventive medications available and if the owners feel that their dogs might be vulnerable to this disease and these medications should be administered. In most cases when dogs have been diagnosed with Heartworms the condition has already developed to a case where it is irreversible. Even if the Heartworms be killed, the internal organs have already been affected.

Heatstroke in your golden retriever can be prevented easily. During hot days especially in very warm summers, it is important to keep a dish of water around for the dog to drink whenever he is thirsty. Heat dehydrates animals. Water in the body helps regulates the body temperature. Several symptoms to watch out for includes: rapid heartbeat, vomiting, excessive drooling, loud panting, etc.

Other diseases to watch out for includes: rabies, tapeworm, hookworms, etc.