The Greyhound

Thought to have originated in Egypt, the Greyhound is sighthound dog that was kept as a hunting dog due to its superior eyesight. It was later used as a racing dog in the countries it was exported to.

The fact that it features very powerful legs with a deep chest and a flexible spine made it a very effective hunting dog, especially on flat terrain. It has a very high speed and can easily attain a speed of 18 meters per second, which translates to 39 mph. Its speed over short distances can only be compared to that of a cheetah.

A mature Greyhound stands at 30 inches in height and can weigh as much as 88 pounds. It has very short hair and you can come across those in white, black, fawn, grey and red colors. It is perhaps the only dog with a large heart, which is largely thought to aid it in running. This coupled with the fact that it is light and is muscularly built with flexible spine.

Unlike most dogs of its class, the Greyhound is not aggressive although it will remain very suspicious of strangers. It is one of the dogs with a very thin skin, which puts it at risk of minor injuries such as other dog bites. Due to its active nature, the Greyhound can be very destructive when kept indoors for long periods of time. It needs to be taken out for walks and light exercises. A well trained Greyhound will however remain gentle and quiet and will show signs of wanting to get out when tired of its indoor surrounding.

Although a well kept Greyhound can live to attain the age of 12 years, it faces a number of health challenges including bloat and osteosarcoma. It is also very sensitive to insecticides and can easily be affected by the same. The fact that the Greyhound does not cause dog allergy makes it one of the best dogs you can have as an indoor pet.