Factors to Consider

It is obvious that you are happy when your dog is vibrant and looks good every day. This means that you van take long walks with the pet or even play with him or her for long. a healthy dog Is more friendly, both to your guests and you as an owner. This does not happen if you do not feed your dog well. Most owners forget that just like every other individual, a dog must feed well.

The dogs diet must include all the essential nutrients and in correct proportions. These nutrients include:
• Carbohydrates
• Proteins
• Fats
• Vegetables
• Water
The dog food may come in wet or dry form. Either of the choices is good, so long as the right diet is given to your dog. However, experts consider dry food better than wet food. This is because there is a likelihood of bacteria accumulating on wet food than on the dry food
While buying dog food, you must not only consider the nutritional value of the food, but also take into account special needs in your pet. Some dogs will need special food combinations more than others.
Factors to Consider

1. The age of the dog
A puppy will need more calories than adult dogs. Therefore, the food that you buy should take into account such a factor, and you must be quick to state your dogs age before buying any food.

2. Past history
Has your dog ever developed health complications? Have you noticed any complications in the recent past? A unhealthy dog may need to take different dietary combination to boost their healthy and help in the recovery process.

3. Feeding habits
Some dogs can overfeed, exposing them to health risks associated with an over weight animal. As such, you may want to feed such a dog with a diet that has more vegetables and proteins rather than carbohydrates and fats.