Over time, we have tested with the dogs of our breeding many different types of food. It gives us six selection criteria. Maybe you can help them with the purchase. Please note, however, that every race and every dog to react differently. It is therefore our experiences that do not apply to any other dog must.

First the food should have very high meat content, because the dog is by nature a meat-eater, and no grain is. Accordingly, his rich meat meals get better. On the package are in the ideal case in the first place the meat ingredients. Only then actually contained more meat than usual.

Second vitamins, minerals and nutrients should be included in a balanced ratio. Deficiency symptoms such as bone and soft shaggy fur may indicate an inappropriate composition. Even it is not often just a bad habit, but an expression of lack of certain substances. Of course there are other causes for it.

Third the dogs have to tolerate the food good. Soft faces on the phase transition are also not acceptable, for example. Itchy skin and dull coat either.

4th The dogs have to eat the food without additional incentives, such as canned food, meat broth, etc. like. 5th All ingredients should be as close to nature and food quality have, therefore, no waste products such as the cereal. Lock-and sixth Chemical preservatives are not into the lining.