The American Foxhound

This is one of the oldest breed of dogs that you can find. The dog is native to Maryland and Virginia States of the US where it has been kept by homeowners since the 1650s. It is not a natural dog but rather a crossbreed between the French hound and American hounds. It is from the crossbreeding between these two breeds that gave rise to the American foxhound, whose duty was to hunt down foxes. There are several varieties of this breed of dog including the Goodman, July and Walker dogs.

A mature American foxhound can weigh as much as 60 Pounds and stand at a height of 30 inches. Most varieties are large with wide ears that are set low. The eyes are characteristically large and can be brown or hazel in color. It features a short coat that is otherwise harsh. You can find this breed of dog in black, red, grey or a mixture of these colors. One of its main remarkable characteristics through which you can easily identify it is its unique barking especially when out hunting; the barking is musical in style.

This is one of the best dogs you can have at home as a pet. It is highly gentle to family members. It is particularly very good with children and other house pets. It also remains very reserved in the presence of strangers. Because of its hunting instinct, the American foxhound has a tendency of picking up scents that it can easily follow. It therefore requires constant monitoring. The fact that it is a highly active dog that is full of energy raises he need to provide it with enough space where it can indulge in running and other physical activities.

The American foxhound is one breed of dog that does not have any genetic disorders. This means that it is one of the most economical dogs you can have as it does not have serious health challenges.